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Outsourcing has arrived to the company near you and it is here to stay. So, you might as well take a full advantage of it, if you do it right of course. The good news is that MVCh Outsourcing can do it for you flawlessly. Email us at or call (925) 846-5811 for a free project assessment.

The benefits are tremendous. You can save money and at the same time improve the quality of your products and services by focusing the best efforts on your core business. So, why bother with doing commoditized tasks yourself? As long as they are performed efficiently and timely, your business remains competitive. Like with any other commodities, you must take advantage of cheaper labor costs overseas and from economies of scale provided by experts in these industries. MVCh team knows how to bring the right resources for the job. We have done it successfully for others and can do it for you.

The risks are also huge. Clearly, you are facing cultural, language, legal, time zone, and other local conditions. Also there are hidden costs including communications and management related. All these factors can really make a difference between a success and failure. Are you prepared to deal with all this yourself? Well, we are. We have local facilities and dedicated resources in Northern & Southern America, Western & Eastern Europe, Middle & Far East ready to remove cultural barriers and start saving you money big time. MVCh will manage them for you and will make them location-transparent. Namely, we will balance the right ratio between onshore and offshore presence depending on the project and the specific phase. We work comfortably in fixed-bid and hourly basis.

It is important to find a development partner that understands the entire scope of your project and can offer a complete solution. MVCh is doing just that. We ensure that software architecture and your hardware platform work together to achieve your goals.

We are privately owned, profitable, founder managed, self financed global company. Founded in 2004, due to its founders' subject area proven expertise, MVCh Outsourcing experienced immediate high demand for its products and services. Unlike other startups, we were profitable right from the inception and never needed venture or other highly leveraged short-term oriented investments. As a result, we managed to invest with a long-term perspective and build a stable foundation for consequent sustainable expansion. It allowed MVCh to develop a best in class work force and modern global infrastructure. At the same time, due to our included geographic and cultural diversity, we were able to take a full advantage of outsourcing savings.

Business Model

MVCh Outsourcing has a uniquely successful innovative (OOH) Onshore-to-Offshore Hybrid outsourcing business model. It addresses all the major deficiencies of early conventional outsourcing schemes. OOH model never underestimates the Onshore component to make sure customer needs are thoroughly understood and addressed. Then, as projects go through more advanced phases, the Hybrid aspect kicks in and resources are dynamically redistributed depending on need. And finally, when remaining tasks are clearly defined and have a repetitive nature, the Offshore side is emphasized to maximize cost savings, as long as quality is not compromised.

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Credit Risk Modeling and Forecasting Services

MVCh offers an earlier improved credit risk assessment and notification service.

Credit risk analysis, evaluation of bond prices and relevant credit spreads are central to the investment process and regulatory activities (Basel II, etc.). Recent credit crisis brought into focus the need for effective risk management control and highlighted many of the deficiencies of the traditional approach to credit risk forecasting. Many financial institutions are developing more sophisticated methods of risk measuring, hedging and modeling. The most challenging and important is the assessment of the probability of a default (PD) of the counterparty or borrower. One of the main quantitative credit risk models was introduced in 1974 by Merton. This model assumes that default may occur ONLY if obligor's assets fall below its liabilities at maturity. Merton's model serves as the foundation for many modern structural default-forecasting models including widely used Moody's-KMV model.

In our study, however, we found that the classical Merton's model performs worse as a predictor of a default event than the Black-Cox approach, which assumes that default can happen at any time. On the chart below we plot the daily PD of Enron Corporation, three months before its default in December 2001 forecasted by Merton and Black-Cox models. The quarterly data on Enron's debt was collected from the SEC Edgar service. The one-year US treasury rate of return, S&P 500 index return, and the market value of Enron's equity were obtained from the variety of public data sources.

The plot clearly demonstrates that the Black-Cox model provides an earlier warning for a growing probability of default. Therefore, MVCh is using the customized Black-Cox model as a foundation of our quantitative analysis of credit risk. This approach provides an early notification of obligor's credit deficiency and allows to validate internally developed ratings and associated credit measures using our efficient methodology, along with customer's in-house qualitative analysis.

In addition, MVCh helps firms develop new ratings approaches linked to consistent measures of default risk across all counterparties, for use in advanced portfolio management and regulatory compliance.

Risk management and quantitative finance are increasingly complex areas and high quality staff can be difficult to find and very expensive. By outsourcing part of your risk management processes to MVCh, you may be able to improve both the quality and cost effectiveness of your risk operations. We currently offer outsourced services in the area of Credit Risk Analysis including CDOs and CDS, Basel II and Internal Ratings, Pricing, and Monitoring.

Our experts will recommend the best architecture, software design and implementation of complex financial systems integrated with Data-delivery API, MathLab and Intex libraries. We have experience in architecting the service-oriented enterprise-wide computing environment required for on-demand financial modeling, including Monte-Carlo simulations. In addition, we have expertise in developing of trading systems. High quality, performance, project risk and cost mitigation are always our first priority.

MVCh Framework

MVCh is a framework for fast development of complex Flex-based Rich Internet Applications (RIA) from independent mashable components. It is lightweight and at the same time heavy-duty. This was accomplished by adapting server-side modularization concepts promoted by the OSGi alliance and the Spring framework. As its name implies, it facilitates development of applications that follow the Model, View, Controller (MVC) design pattern.

After researching and experimenting with most major Flex frameworks for our Enterprise RIA consulting, we realized they could not address our reusability, maintainability and global sourcing requirements. Above all, neither of them supported rapid development of composite portal-like RIAs. As a result, we ended up developing our own framework. Since then, we have successfully utilized this nifty development framework for various business verticals, including the financial industry. Now it is available as open source.

MVCh - Main Features:

  • Provides the orchestration layer for fully metadata-driven applications.
  • Enables applications to be comprised of dynamic, run-time plug-and-play, and independently maintained reusable building blocks (modules and/or sub-applications) with no a-priori knowledge of each other.
  • Drastically reduces development time and maintenance costs of complex enterprise-scale portal-like RIAs.
  • Facilitates global sourcing and multi-team development, independent unit testing, and code reuse.
  • Provides the right balance between the framework's overhead and improved application adaptability and scalability.
  • Integrates with existing AJAX frameworks and JSR-168 compliant portals.
  • Incorporates rich collection of data-visualization widgets and plug-ins.
  • Provides adapters for integration with common metadata, and other knowledge repositories.

Luckily, you can take advantage of all this work. Feel free to use, expand, adapt or just test and comment on it. Then share the results with the MVCh user community so that others can save time and frustration. To learn more about MVCh Framework, download the white paper and code examples. If you have any questions, email them to

MVCh Framework Q&A

Q: Is it a complete development environment? A: The MVCh provides the light-weight Inversion of Control (IoC) container, which is responsible for the metadata-driven dynamic build-up of the composite SOC from sub-applications, which obey the set of development principles, standards and rules. If you adhere to them, the MVCh container supports �wiring� of the MVCh compliant widgets into a secure, scalable and maintainable composite RIA.

Q: Why do I need a framework? A: You do not have to use a framework. In fact, it is not recommended for prototypes or simple monolithic applications. The advantages of the MVCh development framework are fully utilized when multiple groups, locations, functions, and responsibilities are involved.

Q: I have a legacy server based application. Can MVCh Framework help me develop a new RIA client? A: Yes. MVCh Framework will guide you through the seamless integration with your existing multi-layered applications according to MVC standards. As a result, your server will continue to maintain the business rules and the new client will be responsible for presenting it to the desktop.

Q: Can I integrate external context and plug-ins on the client? A: Yes, you can mash up external context and widgets directly on the client with no server overhead.

Q: Can I optimize work load between RIA client and server? A: Yes, you can. MVCh framework facilitated developer to perform certain functions on the client and request server data only on as needed bases.

Q: Is it possible to connect components at run-time? A: Yes, MVCh compliant sub-applications can be dynamically added to the container and be connected to other MVCh compliant widgets.

Q: Our organization has a collection of existing AJAX widgets and controls. Can this new RIA client replace only some of them and still maintain the corporate branding and navigation? A: MVCh allows for Flex-based widgets to be integrated with the existing AJAX infrastructure.

Legacy Migration Project

A global financial company needed to outsource some of its software development projects to reduce costs. First they turned to a one of the Big Five US-based consulting firms with Indian subsidiaries to migrate a legacy main-frame application to J2EE. Before too long, the project was halted because it was way over budget and behind schedule. Then they tried to engage an Indian based major IT consultancy. This time they were plugged with code quality problems due to communication, language, time and cultural differences. Consequently, they realized that something was wrong with the entire business model and decided to try a more modern hybrid outsourcing model. This is why they found MVCh Outsourcing with its flexible Onshore-to-Offshore model. MVCh was able to address the aforesaid bottlenecks by placing US based resources at the customer site and managing all the offshore staff completely transparent to the customer. Moreover, all the resources were seamlessly redistributed depending on the project phase. For example, during the inception phase more analysts were placed in direct contact with important decision makers. Later, during the development phase the emphases shifted to our Indian site, with only technical architects and managers available on-site. As a result, this project was so successful that even less cost dependent projects were also awarded to MVCh and its partners because of the quality and timeliness.

Master Data Management Project

Another financial company needed a flexible way of collecting, integrating, syndicating, enriching, and then rapidly distributing massive amounts of diverse data. They started with utilizing a combination of out-of-box content management and data warehousing offerings. Then, with rapidly growing demand and increasing complexity of their services, they started pushing this technology beyond its limits. To address the scalability issues they put in place numerous customizations. At some point, they ended up with more customized code then off-the-shelf. Also, a key vendor was acquired and stopped supporting their main product. As a result, the application became unsupportable and threatened the entire enterprise. To solve this problem, MVCh and its partners came up with a more flexible, scalable and targeted solution based on a new powerful Dynamic Metadata management platform. After successfully helping this business unit, the same platform was later extended to other business lined within the enterprise and its subsidiaries.


MVCh Service Division has extensive experience in Enterprise-scale application development. We are competent, detail oriented and easy to do business with. MVCh is backed by a reputable list of experts who are extremely knowledgeable and reliable in their fields. People who you can trust will deliver!

To better help us meet your needs, we offer a free project assessment.


We are proud to employ some of the best experts in the industry. All our consultants and employees are educated, experienced and highly dedicated to their jobs. We make sure they receive all the necessary training and support to be confident for the challenges ahead. All new employees go through a vigorous on-site, instructor based initiation boot camp. Before engaging with our customers, they participate in hand-on labs and on-the-job project specific training. When between assignments, all our resources attend required classes and advance their degrees and diplomas for the employer expense. We also encourage cross training, knowledge sharing and meticulous documentation. After project completion, we always conduct retrospective analysis to make sure the same mistakes are not repeated again and success factors are emphasized and utilized to the fullest extent.

As a result of all these efforts, MVCh Outsourcing has an industry leading customer satisfaction marks and lowest resource turn over rates.

Success Factors

We excel in this highly competitive market because of these success factors:

  • Honesty and openness.
  • Timeliness.
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Professional pride.
  • Customer devotion.
  • Innovation.
  • Attention to details.
  • Standard adherence.

We are profitable and our customers enjoy great ROIs by strictly adhering to our basic business principles.

  • Make sure we deliver good value.
  • Pass along all savings to our customers.
  • Never compromise quality.
  • Accurate estimates.
  • Low internal overhead.
  • Bar internal bureaucracy and cronyism.
  • Full accountability.
  • There is always room for improvement.

Areas of Expertise

MVCh Outsourcing has experience, knowledge and proven track record in the following subject areas:

  • Meta and master data management.
  • Enterprise-Scale mashups and RIA.
  • Data warehousing.
  • Business intelligence.
  • Data mining.
  • Decision support.
  • Knowledge management.
  • Cloud Migration.
  • Cloud Native development.
  • Content management, brokering and syndication.
  • Topological Data Analysis.


  • Financial.
  • High tech.
  • Insurance.
  • Banking.
  • Manufacturing.

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